Rosemary & Plum Galette


I never really made galettes until I started working at Bakeri in Brooklyn, where we make individual sized galettes. This one is a large one. 

Galettes are the easiest, fastest way to showcase any type of fruit (or vegetable!). Apples, strawberries, pears… Or in this case, plums. 


All you need is a single pie crust & some nice looking fruit. 

Quarter at least 10 plums, depending how large you want your galette to be. Wrap them up in the pie dough as pictured. Or however you please, really. 


I added blueberries & chopped rosemary, and then put it back in the freezer so it would be really cold (frozen!) going into a really hot oven (400 degrees). By personal preference I egg wash the dough & heavy-handedly apply a good coating of raw sugar. 


40 minutes later*, a beautiful pastry emerges. Cut it, dollop some fresh whipped cream on it, and share it with friends – or not. 

*Depending on your oven. Check on it every 10m while baking to catch it at the perfect golden brown color. 


Stuffed 8 Ball Squash


Last weekend when I was at the farmer’s market near Fort Greene, I saw these cute little squash for the first time. I immediately thought “they must be stuffed.” 


Look at the little babies, lining up to be stuffed. 


I took a very sharp, small knife and sliced off the top of each of them. Now would be the perfect time to use a melon baller if you have one, but I don’t, so I used a spoon. I then massaged the inside with olive oil and lightly salted it. 


Next, I lightly sauteed some broccoli, corn, carrots and fresh green beans. Literally anything could go inside of these – I just had a lot of produce to get rid of 🙂


In a 400 degree oven, I roasted the stuffed squash for around 25 minutes, checking them fairly often with a fork to see how soft they were becoming. When a fork easily slides in, they’re done. Enjoy! I poured a garlic butter sauce over mine and ruined the possibility of a beautiful #vegan dish, but otherwise this is completely vegetarian. 

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender, lemons, sugar & ice – these ingredients will make your summer taste nice.


The “swiss army knife of plants,” lavender, is often times just considered to be used for cleaning or as an aromatic. It’s loved for it’s antidepressant qualities, repelling mosquitos, smelling heavenly, and flavoring teas. Now, you have one more way to love it: in a glass of lemonade. 



2 cups fresh lemon juice 

1 cup lavender simple syrup

6 cups water 

1) Have your lover juice all of the lemons for you, and tell them they will be rewarded with an amazing glass of lemonade. 

2) Make at least a cup of simple syrup (a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water). When the syrup is boiling, throw in 3 big pinches of dried lavender. Lower the temperature. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.  Strain out the lavender and save the syrup in a heatproof container. Voilà! You made simple syrup. 

3) Mix together your lemon juice, water, and simple syrup. I like it the way I have it listed in this recipe, but you might like it a little different – so add more or less simple syrup/lemon juice to your taste. 

This is a tofu pot pie. It’s #vegetarian & I shot it for an author’s miniature cookbook. Making a #beautiful lattice is not hard, it just takes practice. #practicemakesperfect #eatyourvegetables #foodphoto #stilllife #realfood #foodstyling (07/2015 for